"We fulfill ourselves with an odd mixture of anxiety and melancholy by preparing the people we can't live without to live without us."
My friends are often amazed at how I can assist multiple students simultaneously through the college admissions process when they recall having found it challenging to support their own child with it. It’s all about being fiercely organized and moving each student along the continuum. 

My focus is on each student individually – there is no cookie cutter method when working with kids in the college process. In all my years, no two students have ever been the same. Even when their resumes sometimes appear similar, I am more than aware of how unique the students are. My job is to ensure such differentiation is noted. Every aspect has to be fine-tuned to reflect individuality and we work together very closely in this effort.

Getting to know the students well over time increases my ability to help find the perfect fit. I have a multitude of colleges across the nation and make it a priority to stay abreast of the ever-changing college landscape through ongoing research and dialogue. My focus exceeds admissions as I assist students with delving deeply into the curriculum at the various universities to compare and contrast differentiating factors worth consideration. 

I take great pride in helping the students have their voices heard through the essay-writing process. We spend significant time brainstorming for the ideal content to address the various prompts. The essay development process is not to be feared. I personally love it and make it fun. The final product is always personalized, providing interesting insight into the applicant. My bar is quite high and I tell my students if they don’t get admitted, it will not be because their essays weren’t well done. I have published two editions of my essay book, “It’s (NOT) About the Essay”, which is given to my clients. More often than not, it is the parents who read the book, which includes my philosophy. Since parents will not be involved in the essay process, reading the book will allow them to confirm that their student will receive the proper support in writing their essays.

While we will cast a net to include various colleges that fit the student, it is imperative that we only apply to ones that a student has confirmed s/he would be happy to attend. My personal goal is to help the student find the school that is most fitting and then work towards increasing the odds of admission. I am proud to say that based on my track record, the vast majority of my students are admitted to their top choice and none have been admitted to less than their third choice. There is no greater joy than introducing a student to a school s/he had not considered, having it become the top choice, and result in admission. It’s incredibly fulfilling and I love what I do – taking on each student as if s/he is my own. 

It is common for students to feel I am only working with them, which is how it should be. As a sole practitioner, I never take on more students than I can handle any given season. I am “on call” for the students throughout the process with a strong preference to begin working with them sophomore year. Planning the run-up to college is important so as to not look back with regrets for not having planned properly. As time progresses, the student takes the lead and the parents shadow. This typically occurs once we have agreed upon the list of schools to which we are considering applying.

I am privileged to work with students, and typically their siblings, through this exciting stage in their lives.​ I am fortunate to love what I do and am totally dedicated to helping each student with a personal touch. I make it my business to get to know the students better than they know themselves. Through a Socratic method, I ensure bringing out the best in each of them so that admissions reps, who most likely will never meet the student, can conjure up an image reflective of the applicant. 

I am pleased to say that my practice is built entirely on recommendation. Students and parents can be reassured knowing they have a professional teamed up with them every step of the way – keeping the process at a much reduced level of stress. There is no reason to let anxiety overrule what is an exciting stage of growth. This process is not an end all; being admitted is just the beginning. Our focus is on the purpose in attending college: what are you going to do when you’re there and what are you going to do when you graduate. The college admissions process is a template for life and we treat it as such as we look forward to successful outcomes to celebrate together.