Why Hire?
As is the case with any important decision we make in life,  we  want  to have as many facts  as possible and educate ourselves as best we can.   The college selection and admissions process is important and it is worth receiving as   much  information  as  possible  about  how it works. Some of  this  can  be   obtained  from  college  counselors  in  the high school.   In most cases, counselors   do    not    have   the   time  to   hand-hold   students   through   the   process.    The personalized attention and  individual  assistance  received  from our services is beyond what the   vast   majority of  students   can   receive   from   the   college   counselors   at   their  high schools.  We serve as “tutors”/“study buddies” and are there to assist every step of the way. 

We pride ourselves in helping you find your "fit"and fitting it all together. 

You probably have much apprehension of  what the process entails.   It is true  that  there  is  a great  deal to  know  about college    admissions,  academics,  and   career orientation.  There are many questions you most likely need to have answered.   We don’t believe in  luring   you   into  paying   excessive  fees by playing on your fears and lack of understanding of   the   how   the   process  works. The process begins with an initial two-hour consultation with parent(s) and student as early as sophomore year.  Following the session, families can review the contract outlining the full range of services provided for a retained fee.

"Thank you so much for all you have done!  You were  a HUGE help!"  
                           (Student from Alpharetta High School)
"You have been fabulous.  Thanks for all your help!"
 (Parent of student, Woodward Academy)

"For me, my high school career revolved around one task: getting into Johns Hopkins University.  Early  in  my senior year,  I  realized  how  complicated and time-consuming the college application process really was.  My parents were not familiar with applying to colleges in the United Staes and could not help alleviate my frustration.  For me, the stakes couldn't have been higher; as a result, my mom and I decided to  seek  Mrs.  Cohen's help. Most  students attend high schools where  college  counselors  often  manage  several juniors and  seniors  at  a  time. With Mrs. Cohen's assistance, I received  one-on-one,  personalized  attention  and individual  counseling  that  I feel  helped  set me apart in the unpredictable college   admissions   "game."   Mrs.   Cohen   helps   hone  and   present  your application, essays, and resume in a way that highlights  your  best  aspects and represents  you  in  a unique  manner.  Her services include, but are not limited to, creating college data sheets,  constructing your resume, brainstorming  essay   topics,  marathon  essay  editing,  and  conducting  mock  interviews.  

I will forever be grateful to Mrs. Cohen for her help and dedication.  Without her I would not have received the 'big, fat envelope' in the mail from the college of my dreams."
                                                                                                (Admitted to Johns Hopkins University)
"I GOT IN!!!! Thank you so much for all your help! I couldn't have done it without you!.  Thanks for believing in me."
                            (Student from Northview High School) 
It is also very common for the parent-child relationship  to  be   somewhat   strained  during  what could be a stressful process.  The   parent   and  student  may  have  different  aspirations  and  often  different  perspectives  on  the  timetables  to begin the process and the  timelines  to comfortably complete it.    We   can  assume   the   role  that   your   student  needs,  relieving  the parent of the tension that often results from the college admissions process.

Bio (Diane Cohen - Owner/Principal)

Professionally, Diane has successfully assisted high school students in navigating the college application process with demonstrated success in getting them admitted to their school of choice. She has drawn on her strong background in recruiting over twenty years, both on and off college campuses. In addition, Diane has relevant career experience from her corporate staffing and development and and executive search background. As a Senior Human Resources Director in the corporate world and as a consultant, she has led key leadership training initiatives and provided coaching and career counseling to recent graduates and professionals in multiple functional areas.  This has allowed Diane to look well beyond admissions and to project career options when assisting her students in considering colleges. Her expertise includes career advice, as well as resume preparation, essay development, and interview skills training.  Diane has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Fordham University, graduating summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, and  Masters degree in Human Resource Management from Cornell University.

Personally, as a parent whose daughter graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and son from the University of Southern California, Diane is all too familiar with not only the technical aspects of the college admissions process, but the emotional ones as well. Ensuring the odds of finding the optimal "fit" is her personal goal for each of her clients.

Diane is based in the Atlanta suburb, Alpharetta, Georgia.