Develop initial
student profile
Explore goals,
interests, values
Review transcript,
test scores &
testing guidance
Review statistical
data on colleges.
Discuss options:
"reach", "target", 
"safety" schools

Discuss types
of admissions 
The initial consultation and assessment session is a meeting with a parent and student.  During this meeting we assess your needs and determine which services will be most beneficial.  Approximately two hours is requested for this session.
Selecting Colleges that "Fit"
Once potential fit is determined, applying will be a great deal easier.  Why? Because the students are motivated by where they want to go 
and why they want to go there.

Each campus offers a unique culture just as each student has a unique personality.  Students often get a sense, a vibe, about a campus once they visit it.  They rule schools in or out based on the gut feeling they have about it once they see it. This is why it’s important to actually step foot on the campus whenever possible.  Sometimes it’s difficult for students to put into words their impressions of a school. They often just sense that they belong or don’t.  This is an important factor in the college search process.

Our services assist in determining what the right fit might be. We review where students are now and project where they might be heading the next four years.  We assist in identifying which colleges are possibilities. We pride ourselves on introducing schools which perhaps you didn’t consider while 
being sensitive to possible financial considerations. There’s no better feeling than sharing a student's excitement when  he or she finds that school and ultimately gets admitted.

Academics & Careers
Once initial schools are identified, we explore deeper to consider 
the curriculum at those colleges.  This step is often not given enough consideration. Most high school juniors and seniors have no idea what they want to choose as a major.  Generally, they don’t have to declare a major until the spring of their sophomore year.  Having some idea of a potential major is beneficial when choosing a college. 

Colleges often excel in certain areas just as students do. Reviewing the academic options is an important step. Too often students and 
parents get too absorbed in the admissions process, meaning getting into a particular college, and don’t delve deeply enough into what that school offers for the student academically. It is important  to  assess  areas  of  study  in  light  of  a  college’s curriculum.

Our services assist in determining possible 
areas of study for majors and minors. While no 
high school junior or senior is expected to know, 
we help students explore possible career paths. 
Some schools offer strengths in specific areas 
of study.  We research this for the student and 
review academics with equal weighting to our consideration of admissions.  We then discuss 
our findings with the student and, if necessary, 
refine the college list.

Looking ahead to the Future . . .   
The importance of determining the right fit.
Consultation & Assessment
Initial session to determine needs


Selecting colleges that “fit” is the most important step in the college admissions process.  
The college years are a defining time when students  take a major step  toward independence, developing convictions, and defining those aspects of themselves that are yet to be defined.  
It is critically important that they take the time to explore  the  schools  that  most  suit  them  and  answer" Where do I best fit?”