College Application Process Made Easy
Resume: Who you are at a glance
Through this process, students prepare to complete their applications.  All  information  that  is  relevant  for  the application is organized and prioritzed. Addendums are provided  as  needed  to  elaborate  those  areas  needing explanation.  In addition to the application preparation, there are several other uses for the one-page summary.
Uses of one-page summary
  • Application completion
  • Admission officer review

Expressing your "inner voice"
This is an important aspect of any application essays, whether they are for admissions or scholarship consideration.  These essays could be some of  the  most  important essays students will ever write.  The essay can be the difference for the vast majority of students applying to college.  All  other  things  being  equal,  the  quality  of  the  essays could settle the grey zone and make the difference between who does and doesn't get admittted

The admissions officers read thousands of essays - often a hundred in a given day.  It's important that the students ensure that their essays make an impression on the reader.  In wrtiing them, students need to ensure that their inner voice is heard.
Our   services   assist   the  student   in brainstorming topics and editing drafts through final copy.  Students invariably come  to  an  essay  session  with  no  idea what  to  write  or  not  confident  of what they  are  considering  as  their  content.  They leave the session not only having chosen a topic but are confident in how 
to  approach  the  first  draft.   Students must  write  their  own  essays  with  us serving as  editors.   Their  writing  will reflect thei inner voice by the final copy.  Unlimited editing offered.
Mock Interviews
Our  services   prepare  students  by  practicing through mock interviews.  Most seniors in high school have not had  much,  if  any,  experience interviewing spontaneously.  We include tips to make the process  more  familiar  and therefore more comfortable. 
Interviews  on  or  off  campus  with  admission  officers  and/or alumni  are  less  common  than in the past.  In many cases they are optional; occasionally they are required.

In  most cases, these  interviews  are  non-evaluative  and  serve mainly to offer the applicant further insight and a more personal connection with those representing the college.   In  some cases, the interviews are evaluative in which  case it is  very  important that  the  student  ractice  interviewing in order to be  prepared.

  • Assist in prioritzing and narrowing  down selected schools.

  • Assist with inquiries related to completion of applications.

  • Provide timetable for timely  completion and submission of applications to schools.

  • Review applications for errors, omissions, and positioning.
Application Completion
We assist students with their college applications, answering questions  they  may  have  about  completing the forms, and reviewing/editing their drafts.  Students, not parents, are to complete  the  applications.    We  provide  the  student  with support in this process.  
The same service is offered for  those students applying  for  scholarships  after  having  been admitted.
Decision Process
Being  accepted,  wait-listed,  or  denied  are  all  possibilities. 
The decision process can begin  as early as Fall of senior year for those students who applied early action or early decision.  

We  work  closely with students throughout the process to best  support  their chances of being accepted to their schools of choice.  If admission is   deferred   for   those   applying  early,   or  if  a student is waitlisted, we regroup on strategy and assess  next  steps  to  maximize  the  chances  of getting   admitted   with   the   next   round   of evaluations. 
  • Athletic/arts considerations
  • Teacher recommendations

This one-page summary of accomplishments and activies is for those students who need to highlight  information on the application.
  • Interviews